Membership Details

The term, Public Insurance Adjuster, shall mean any individual, firm, or corporation who, or which, represents an insured with regard to the adjustment of a claim or claims under an insurance policy or policies for loss or damage caused by, or resulting from, fire and its allied lines, or who, or which, advertises for or solicits employment as an adjuster of such claims, and shall also include any person who solicits such claims on behalf of any such Public Insurance Adjuster. 
Individuals, firms, and corporations who, or which, act as public insurance adjusters as previously defined on a licensed and professional basis, and who are qualified and entitled to act in such capacity under the laws of the state in which they are engaged, and who fulfill all of the other requirements of the Association, shall be eligible for membership. The Executive Committee is authorized to formulate and adopt rules and regulations concerning requirements for and admission to membership, subject to the preceding requirements.
All public adjusters and solicitors shall be eligible for membership and must be enrolled as members.

Each member firm, as previously defined, shall be entitled to designate up to three enrolled public adjusters to vote at any meeting, election, or balloting of the Association.
The Board of Directors of the Association shall have exclusive powers to determine and establish the amounts and classifications of Annual Dues of the Association for each Fiscal Year, as follows: 

(a)  Annual Dues for each Public Adjuster and Solicitor

(b) The maximum aggregate Annual Dues that each individual owner, firm, partnership, or corporation shall pay

(c)  Annual Dues shall be payable in advance of each Fiscal Year

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There shall be a particular class of participation in the Association designated as Association Supporter for which individuals, partnerships, and corporations not engaged, to any extent, in the profession of public insurance adjusting, shall be eligible. No individuals, partnerships, or corporations who are engaged, to any extent, in the profession of public insurance adjusting shall be eligible for this particular class. The Executive Committee is authorized to establish and adopt rules and regulations concerning Association Supporters, admission to this particular class, and the charges, fees, and/or dues payable to the Association.
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$350 for each individual, with a cap of $1,400 for 4 or more licensed employees of a firm
All licensed adjusters and solicitors at a member firm must be enrolled
$750 for each professional, vendor, or supplier of goods and services to Public Insurance Adjuster members.