Legislative Conference is a Success!

Education, legislative visits, and networking events were highlights of the second Legislative Conference.
The education sessions and legislative advisory presented a thorough update on recent California property insurance legislation, key issues affecting property insurance claims handling, and ethical guidelines for public adjusters.

The following is a summary of the February 27-28, 2024 program at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento:                          
  • Amy Bach, Esq., and William Merlin, Jr., Esq., discussed significant legislation, including required notices to insured, measures of indemnity, time limits to collect full replacement costs, and other key points impacting property insurance.
  • Sandra Moriarty, CPCU, provided insights into property insurance claims handling, emphasizing the duty to investigate, measures of indemnity, reasons for denial, and appraisal.
  • Joel Gumbiner, Esq., outlined ethical guidelines for public adjusters, covering advertising, fees, experience, contracts, duties to clients, and handling of claims.
  • John Norwood, Esq., concluded the program with a session on how to conduct legislative visits, highlighting the importance of advocating for policies that enhance public adjusters' roles. He emphasized the need to extol the benefits of public adjusters in aiding policyholders, promoting consumer protection, and supporting economic growth.
Overall, the education sessions and legislative visits underscored the complex landscape of property insurance in California and the critical role public adjusters play in ensuring fair and transparent practices, protecting consumers, and supporting economic recovery.

Chip Merlin leads education session

John Norwood and Amy Bach at reception

Rolf Eidbo sits with CAPIA members displaying packets for legislative visits

CAPIA President Denise Sze (R) meets with Jill Rice (L), Principal Consultant for Senate Committee on Insurance

Ken Crown meets with Lesley Brizuela, Policy Analyst on Insurance, Office of Senator Angelique Ashby